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A FREE tool to keep your study bookmarks, login credentials, and contact details all in one place

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"We previously had spent 45 minutes looking for this CTMS phone number, and with VersaTrial I was able to save us a lot of clicks."

Clinical Research Coordinator

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The digital transformation of clinical research creates as many challenges for sites as it’s solving. According to the Society for Clinical Research Sites, most site staff log into 20+ technologies per day.

And the tech stack is only getting bigger...

VersaTrial is already built in to your browser, so it's simple to activate and requires 
no extra software, training, or complex changes to your workflow

Site Staff Have Too Much Software

Organize bookmarks for all study related websites and technology portals. 

Find exactly what you're looking for, FAST — with less clicks — searching across study, sponsor, website, and even teammate or contact names. 

Add a link —  any link — directly from your web browser, without ever leaving the page.

Add a link —  any link — directly from your web browser, without ever leaving the page.

CTMS, EDC, EMR, matter the acronym, VersaTrial saves all your links to one searchable, shareable location accessible by the whole team.   

Access key study contact information, kept up-to-date by both site and sponsor teams.

 Save countless minutes of frustration trying to find the correct person and their accurate contact details.   

Access key study contact information, kept up-to-date by both site and sponsor teams.
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VersaTrial lets you easily and securely share study bookmarks and contacts with other team members and across your different devices. (Fistbumps optional) 

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Save feasibility questionnaire (FQ) responses to a shared, intelligent answer library. 

Easily auto-complete questionnaires with saved responses from across all of your organization's previously completed questionnaires.

Assign tough questions to a teammate or Primary Investigator
Save feasibility questionnaire responses to a shared, intelligent answer library.

Assign tough questions to a teammate or Principal Investigator

Then sit back as VersaTrial...

...Automates all the tedious outreach, reminders, tracking, and collection of responses. 

 Feasibility questionnaires on autopilot! 
What will you do with all that time saved?

...Automates all the tedious outreach, reminders, tracking, and collection of responses.
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Site Staff Can Relax with VersaTrial

"Where have you been all my life? This is too good to be true. It's literally life changing for our processes and our time management."

Melissa O'Connell, Sr. Feasibility Manager

Meridian Clinical Research


Automatically retrieve your login credentials on any website

Revoke or grant access to your tech stack based on role and employment status.  

Alert administrators when site staff are no longer working on a particular study.

Finally, a password manager designed specifically for sites.

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Sites experience enough pain, and VersaTrial doesn't want to be an additional expense to your operation. That's why we're partnering with Pharma Sponsors to generate revenue and unlock additional value for their site partners.

Sponsors license VersaTrial software because they want to:

  • Reduce burden on sites and patients, and acknowledge the tech needed for their studies is cumbersome

  • Speed up feasibility response times and reduce data duplication 

  • Improve site and partner startup readiness 

  • Enhance communication across frequently changing study personnel and information access bottlenecks

Reduce Site Burden with VersaTrial

And most importantly:


VersaTrial for Clinical Trial Sponsors

VersaTrial pairs clinical trial site enablement and engagement tools with measurable operational insights. 

Enabling sites to spend more time with patients and less time navigating study technologies unlocks faster trials with less mistakes, wider tech adoption, and stronger site relationships.

Only VersaTrial lets you tap into the pulse of sites to better communicate and collaborate with them for the ultimate win-win.

100% FREE for sites

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VersaTrial is a FREE browser extension to quickly access technology bookmarks,  contacts, and passwords for every study

VersaTrial Study Organizer lets site staff search anything
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